Advanced Data Analytics Capability Statement

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The Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) is a
think+do tank
dedicated to advancing a data-driven, systems approach to global sustainability.

We do this by helping teams make the leap from raw data to actionable insights easier through advanced analytical methods and accessible reporting tools. Our team partners with bold thinkers across sectors to build their capacity for evidence- informed decision-making, equipping them to manage adaptively in complex, emerging markets.

Key capacity areas:

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Data Visualizations

Data Analytics Highlights

I4DI’s IT department is, at its core, a software engineering division. Based in our tech hub in Novi Sad, Serbia, our team of expert software engineers, web and mobile app designers, and data visualization specialists engage in both client-facing work and I4DIinternal initiatives.

A key I4DI achievement is Zen-O Projects- an advanced,proprietary Project Management Information System (PMIS)to facilitate Results-Based Management of our ownportfolio, automated reporting, and robust data collection, visualization, andanalysis. Zen-O is currently being brought tomarket.

I4DI specializes in transforming complicated datasets into clear interactive visualizations to answer learning questions in a way that speaks to both technical and non-technical audiences. We utilize Python to conduct data exploration and graphical representation of data, supplemented by advanced data visualization libraries, and NVivo for qualitative data processing.

I4DI harnesses systems thinking and human-centered design in all of our technology development. We focus on the end-user and work to build tools that function for a broad range of stakeholders.

Performance Highlights

Tech for Green Cities
2019 - Present | Cambodia

I4DI is developing a civic tech innovation with a $3 million-dollar investment from USAID under a three- year prime contract in Cambodia, South East Asia, to address growing issues stemming from inadequate waste disposal practices. We are facilitating the emergence of a circular economy by creating an advanced technology platform to connect citizens and entrepreneurs and report, track, analyze, and measure progress.

Using a human-centered design approach to develop and introduce a mobile-based application for use by both service providers and private citizens, I4DI hopes to introduce a circular economy approach to current waste management practices and enhance the expression of citizens’ rights. The goal is to foster household behavior change and private sector investments that operationalize the country’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (3R) strategy for leveraging market forces to solve waste management problems. The T4GC team in Cambodia is using I4DI’s proprietary information management system (Zen-O Projects) to facilitate results-based management of the project. Zen-O project’s interactive dashboards highlight progress made on key indicators and can be exported and shared with external audiences upon request.


Women + Water Global Development Alliance
2017 - 2022 | India

I4DI is the independent evaluator and learning partner of the USAID/Gap Inc. funded Women + Water Alliance (W+W GDA), a five-year initiative that aims to improve and sustain the health and well-being of women and communities touched by the apparel industry with a focus on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in India. By harnessing our in-house advanced data analytics and data visualization expertise, I4DI developed an interactive report for USAID and Gap Inc. that highlights key findings and reporting

from the baseline evaluation study conducted in both states.. Knowing the power of effective communication and dissemination of evidence-based data, I4DI further developed infographics for the baseline studies conducted in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, as well as a blog post on the state of WASH in India, all of which have been published in on USAID Global Waters website.


COVID-19 Real Time Monitoring Project
2020 - Present | USA

I4DI launched an internal initiative to track COVID-19 data through our interactive data visualization platforms to allow users alternative methods/tools for data analysis. Our in-house technical team built the global tracker using Grafana and coded the United States tracker from scratch. In looking to make this overwhelming amount of data more digestible, I4DI also has launched a series of weekly posts which aim to bring updated, real-time data and trends to the public in a way that is easy to understand. Each week, we look at the data with a new lens, offering unique visualizations that present the COVID-19 situation in a simple, but insightful snapshot.


Data for Social Change: Mapping Results of 2020's Racial Activism
2020 - Present | USA

The Institute for Development Impact (I4DI) developed a historic archive/public database to document and map the tangible results of the global protests and racial justice activism in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Our objective is to collate national and subnational data regarding public policy changes, announced reforms and commitments, and/or awareness-building campaigns by public, private, academic, and civil society institutions made in response to the calls from protesters and activists. I4DI will launch a publicly available

database of verified evidence, which will include an interactive data visualization platform to disseminate and display the findings in an interactive and accessible manner. High-level project goals are to 1)provide a valuable resource to activists wishing to cite objective evidence of change brought about by this historical moment of the movement, 2) build incentives/social pressure for other actors to make changes by highlighting positive action of peer institutions, and 3) provide a searchable, unified, and comprehensive body of evidence for reference by journalists, researchers, decision-makers, and interested members of the general public.


NextGen Baseline Study for Sustainable Cocoa Production- Interactive Reporting
2018 - 2019 | Indonesia

I4DI supported a blended investment partnership between Mars Inc. Indonesia, Swisscontact, and Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) in the design of the NextGen program- a youth engagement initiative designed to strengthen STEM education in technical/vocational schools and increase interest among youth in professional cocoa farming.

I4DI conducted an extensive qualitative study of youth developmental assets in three cocoa farming communities, as well as developed a compendium of customized indicators for monitoring the performance and sustainability of the NextGen program.

Based on data collected for the baseline study, I4DI designed and developed an interactive report for a broader audience interested in youth development, sustainability, agriculture, and cocoa farming in Indonesia, released in May 2019. As part of our commitment to evaluation utilization, I4DI created this tool for engagement to facilitate more open dialogue among stakeholders.

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